Do not Ignore the Car Seat in the Car if You Do not Want To Like It

By | June 7, 2018

Kota Tinggi – Otolovers have babies and often travel by car? Do not forget to bring and put it in a special chair baby aka baby car seat if you do not want to experience events like this.

Paultan reported on Thursday (07/06/2018), an eight-month-old baby boy was killed because of his head hit the dashboard car in an accident at Dusun Pantai near Kota Tinggi, Malaysia.

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City High Police Chief, Ashmon Bajah, said the Honda Civic driver lost control so the car actually moved to the opposite lane. Collision with Proton Wira was inevitable.

“As a result of the collision, the baby’s head hit the dashboard and died instantly,” said Ashmon.

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Car seats for babies can not be ignored. It is very dangerous to bring baby children in a moving car but not put in place should be like a baby car seat.

But unfortunately, until now there is no special regulation that requires to put the baby in the car seat while carrying it in the car.

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